North Dakota Officials Dissolve State
Brian Bloom

Dickinson, N.D. -- City, county, and state officials failed to appear at a scheduled news conference Friday in response to a demand that representatives of the law, Constitution, and People of North Dakota appear, explain their positions, and arrange settlement in their default of a decade long civil racketeering and torture case. The announcement was distributed twice, Wednesday and Thursday, to the White House, Congress, FBI, Justice Department, state and federal officials, media, and American citizens.

"Officials or their representatives clearly had another reasonable opportunity to show up and demonstrate who's in charge here," said independent federal prosecutor Michael Nowik of Dickinson, who called the news conference to have officials appear in public, end their constant threats to his life, and set up immediate settlement talks on the extensive damages caused by the complicated 11 year old extortion, racketeering, oppression, and illegal control of gambling violations. Those damages continue to increase, and are trebled under the civil racketeering laws.

"For years, the state attorney general's office, claiming to be the representative for all private and official criminals and defendants in this case," Nowik continued, "has failed or refused to properly answer or appear to the charges and complaints, and has interfered in the judicial process with numerous instances of contempt of court proceedings, conflict of interest offenses, default, and obstruction of justice."

"The federal courts and judges over the years have only assisted them in delaying justice in this case and improperly denied access to proper hearings. They haven't absolved any of the defendants of their liabilities in this racketeering situation and certainly have no authority or jurisdiction to legitimize any atrocious crimes and conspiracies to violate rights, or forgive any debts or obligations of any defendants. They have never properly addressed or resolved any of the important issues, so this litigation and persecution and oppression case is obviously still ongoing, just as the War in Iraq is."

"The official absence at this news conference clearly means, documents, and verifies that they have secretly resigned their official positions, renounced their duties to the public, and dissolved the state's authority and jurisdiction, something which they have been doing throughout state and federal court proceedings for the past ten years." Nowik said. "It proves that there is no longer any law and order or legitimate bureaucracy in the state of North Dakota. No governor, no state attorney general, and no responsible legislators."

"North Dakota now can only be officially found in the libraries, and in the memories of those like me who grew up here and knew some of the early homesteaders and founders of the state," he asserted.

"My family has a homestead ranch here, which I am being illegally prevented from traveling to or tending, because of the retaliatory, unconstitutional, lifetime confiscation of my driver's license, which dissolved the legitimacy of the driver's license system. They have kept me a virtual prisoner in my
home all these years, because of their continued unlawful interference and threats to my life in this federal prosecution and it is long past time for it to end."

"The People obviously have the right and need to be properly informed that their state is being operated and maintained illegally and unconstitutionally, with no one representing them anywhere. Next week I will be taking steps to do just that as a representative of the laws, Constitution, and the
People. To organize a legitimate, Constitutional city, county, and state. To remove all current officials from illegal control of their offices and public buildings. And to exercise my federal right to travel in my car to tend to my legal affairs and those of the United States, with or without their approval."
Nowik concluded.

"The voters also have the right to full knowledge of all the issues and candidates, or the upcoming election again won't restore the integrity and principles provided for by the Constitution which the decent, hard working People of North Dakota deserve."

Issued By:
"The Official Steward of the Constitution and Guardian of the American People"

Executive Committee:
Lou Holder
Patricia Johnson-Holm
Jerry Carlos Pitts
Lorenzo Del Rosario
Don Schwarz
Michael Shupe
Fred Smart
Kathy Vanover
Linda M. Velarde

Private Attorney General of the United States,
Michael H. Nowik,
P.O. Box 1162
Dickinson, North Dakota 58602-1162